It might be surprising that it is actually the wire that straightens teeth, not the braces themselves. In fact, for the most part, the braces act as connectors for the wire to deliver forces to the teeth. Generally, a patient will start with a light round wire and gradually change to rectangular wires as they increase in size and strength. Braces are generally known to be metal, however at WA Dental, Dr Marc offers Damon Clear Braces. These braces are clear at the front and metal at the back, to provide a more aesthetic look.

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Although braces are being phased out due to the more effective alternative, Invisalign, they are still a great option for teeth straightening. However in order to make our braces treatment as fast, safe and effective as possible, we only use self ligating braces, such as Damon Braces. These are braces that have their own opening and closing gates, rather than twin brackets, which use the coloured o ring elastics that hold the wire to the braces.

The benefits of light forces

  • Faster movement – There is a common misunderstanding that the heavier the force we put on teeth, the faster they move. In reality, the optimum force to move teeth is actually very light and anything beyond that starts to make the tooth fight the movement, leading to potential pain and trauma of the teeth.
  • Safer movements – One of the highest risk factors to traumatising teeth and gums is through heavy forces, so keeping them light will reduce the risks of orthodontic movement.
  • Less pain – One of the reasons braces can be so painful is the extreme forces applied to the teeth.
  • Broader smile – Generally, when teeth have less aggressive forces applied to them, they can travel further safely. This means that the wires in a light force system are able to give patients a wider and more attractive smile.
  • Less extractions – Because light forces are able to unravel crooked teeth more effectively, this reduces the amount of orthodontic extractions needed.

Candidates for braces

  • Want to go retro style
  • Prefer something fixed in
  • High pain threshold
  • Excellent oral hygiene
  • Able to frequently come to the clinic