Dental Monitoring

Dental Monitoring is the world’s first Invisalign tracking app that allows us to remotely monitor your progress accurately using the integrated technology. Even though the scans are very straight forward and the app has clear instructions, we still set everything up for you and even take the first scan with you. It works by placing your smartphone into your designated Scanbox and taking a series of photos of your teeth both with and without your Invisalign it.

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You scan your teeth once a week, which then provides detailed photos and reports to our dashboard. Once you have scanned your teeth, you will receive a notification soon after, either to (1) move to the next set of aligners, or (2) stay on the same set of aligners and rescan three days later to allow more time for your teeth to move. By attempting to change Invisalign trays every week, we can significantly speed up treatment time because you are not wearing the same aligner for longer than you need. By identifying any teeth that still need time to move into position, it ensures you wait at least a few more days before moving onto the next tray. This is so important because everyone’s biological tooth movement speed is unique. Some patient’s teeth move rapidly and others are a bit more stubborn. By using artificial intelligence and monitoring by Dr. Marc, we are able to ensure optimal treatment speed.

Dental Monitoring also acts as a direct messaging app between you and Dr. Marc. Anytime you have any questions during treatment, you can send a message to Dr. Marc and he will reply as soon as he sees the message on his dashboard. It is a really easy and convenient way to communicate and even organize appointments. He is also able to initiate an immediate scan if there is something you want to demonstrate to him with photos. Dental Monitoring also allows us to notify you when it is time to rebook your next Invisalign appointment, or with any changes in protocols, we suggest.