Orthodontics – Dr Marc Nalder


Dr. Marc has had intense traditional orthodontic training with plates, expanders, and braces to the point that he completed the 3 years Mahony Full Face Orthodontic Masters Program. Despite this, he is one of the few cosmetic dentists in the world that has taken these principals to Invisalign and has even completed the 1 year Master Clear Orthodontic International Program. Along with this program, Dr. Marc has had additional cutting-edge training from Invisalign world leaders in Japan, Spain, Canada, USA and even here in Australia.

Non Extraction

One of the advantages of seeing a Non-Extraction Invisalign Dentist is that premolar extractions are rarely if ever, needed. With Invisalign, we can strategically and safely move teeth using advanced biomechanics to create enough space which means you can keep your premolar teeth.

Technologically Advanced

Dr. Marc has an array of technologies to ensure an amazing bite and smile at the end of treatment. He is able to use 3D scanners instead of traditional impressions, can 3D print your teeth, obtain digital x-rays for the most precise diagnosis and plan and even track your progress with artificial intelligence apps.


Transforming your smile is such an amazing experience, you want to share it with a dentist that cares as much about your smile as you do. Skills and experience are only half of what makes the ideal Invisalign Dentist. Passion is everything else, and Dr. Marc has an unrivalled passion for smile transformations with Invisalign.


Dr. Marc is one of the very few Invisalign Dentists in Australia that is Invisalign First certified. This means he can provide much more compassionate and affordable treatment to help these kids develop properly.


Many patients are unaware of the drastic difference between straight teeth and an amazing smile. An amazing smile isn’t just straight teeth, it is the width and arch of the smile, the angle of the teeth to reflect the perfect amount of light, and the position of the teeth in relation to the lips to show just the right amount of teeth and gums.


Dr. Marc is always keen to hear even the minute issues you have with your smile and will be there to help fix what concerns you, not just what concerns him. A dentist that listens and is on the same page as you is so important for a successful Invisalign treatment. He is also able to be contacted any day of the week via direct messaging through his Dental Monitoring portal if you have any questions throughout treatment.


Expert Invisalign Dentists can cost upwards of $11,000 which is just not affordable for many patients and parents. This is why Dr. Marc only charges the same amount as his braces fee. Not only is this drastically cheaper, but is also available on a 24-month interest-free payment plan.