Implant Dentures

Keep your dentures from shifting when you eat or speak with implants. Dentures are a common choice for tooth replacement when most or all your teeth are missing. Unfortunately, dentures can also cause discomfort when they start to shift due to continued wear.

Placing a couple of implants may be all that is needed to improve your speech, chewing, and overall oral health. Also called implant-retained dentures or permanent dentures, this solution provides a more natural feel and results in fewer food restrictions.

What Are Implants for Dentures?

Implants are small screws that are surgically affixed to your jawbone. Artificial teeth, such as dentures, are then connected to the implant. These dentures are still removable but it takes the force of both hands to take them out.

Dental implants are often used for the replacement of one or more missing teeth. They allow prosthetic teeth to be secured directly to the jawbone for a natural fit. With two or more implants, we can secure a full or partial denture. This provides several benefits of dentures alone:

  •       Greater stability
  •       Permanent solution
  •       Long-lasting results
  •       Improved appearance

Implants ensure that your dentures do not slide around or slip when chewing or talking. They also provide a permanent solution as you do not need to remove them to enjoy your favorite foods or drinks. In fact, implants can last a lifetime.

Using implants to secure your dentures can improve the appearance of your smile, providing greater self-esteem. You can stop hiding your smile in photographs and gain confidence from the fact that your dentures will not fall out or slide around at the wrong moments.

When Should You Consider Implant Dentures?

While many patients become accustomed to dentures, some patients find them uncomfortable and inconvenient. You may find that your dentures frequently rub against your gums, which can cause unnecessary discomfort and create sores. Even when following proper maintenance and care, dentures slowly wear down over time, requiring repair to the denture plate or artificial teeth.

If you have not yet dealt with your missing teeth, implants may still provide a suitable choice. Ignoring the issue may result in more severe health problems including the deterioration of your jawbone, which leads to a sunken look around the mouth and increases your risk of gum disease.

While implants are secure, durable, and natural-feeling, they may not offer the perfect treatment for everyone. We need to assess the density of your jawbone to ensure that it is healthy enough to support the implants. In some cases, we need to use a bone graft to create sufficient support. Allow the experienced staff at WA Dental to examine your smile and help review your options.

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