Free Orthodontic & Dental Consultation

For all Ellenbrook & Surrounds Kids/Teens

Orthodontics Consultation

The Importance Of Orthodontic Consultations From Age 7+

Crooked and Spaced Teeth
Unfortunately, the way our teeth look, even at an early age can lead to bullying and a lack of confidence

Sticking Out Teeth
Damage to teeth from accidents to mouths of kids and teens can be drastically reduced by the correct position of the teeth

Bad Bites
Bad bites such as crossbites, openbites and deep bites can cause restricted and asymmetrical development of the face

Speech Impairment
Lisps and poor pronunciation can be largely due to the tongue not having teeth and jaws in the correct position to touch against when speaking

Crowded Teeth
Gum disease and dental decay can form in between teeth that are difficult to clean due to overlapping teeth

Narrow Jaws
A jaw that is too narrow can lead to adult teeth getting stuck and needing surgical intervention if not treated early

Included In Your Child’s Free Orthodontic & Dental Consultation

Preclinical Discussion about your concerns with your child’s teeth, jaws and bite

Dental & Orthodontic x-rays if necessary to thoroughly exam your child’s dental health alongside any orthodontic issues

3D iTero Scan to create a 3D digital model of your child’s teeth and bite, as well as a digitally simulated treatment result to discuss potential treatment options

Personalised Treatment Plan & Quote for any dental or orthodontic treatment that may be appropriate

No Obligation to go ahead with any treatment (orthodontic or dental)

Why WA Dental?

WA Dental is the only practice that has Dr Marc, an orthodontic dentist. Orthodontic dentists are a rare niche of general dentists that have advanced training in both traditional and modern orthodontics. The benefit of an orthodontic dentist is that your child can be treated comprehensively both dentally and orthodontically by the one doctor, saving you time, money and effort. Being involved in the orthodontic community, they can also refer patients requiring specialised care such as jaw surgery, to the best suited specialist orthodontist.

 General Dentist
Orthodontic DentistSpecialist Orthodontist
Dental Check Ups
Dental Treatment
Kids & Teen Orthodontics
Orthodontic bite correction
Mild cases
Moderate cases
Complex cases
Special cases (e.g. jaw surgery)

Meet Dr Marc Nalder BDSc (UWA)

Affordable by using modern and efficient techniques with cost savings directly to you

Gentle treatment using advanced methods, such as non-extraction techniques, to avoid the pain otherwise associated with traditional braces

Experienced in using modern plates, braces and clear aligners including combination treatments at no extra cost

Comprehensive with a focus on providing a long term stable smile, mouth and jaw joints

Aesthetic options using little to no metal in orthodontic appliances, such as Damon Clear Braces and Invisalign

Limited Time Case Study Offer

Have A Smile To Share?

Dr Marc is currently offering the following (at no extra cost) for patients and parents that consent to before and after teeth photos, x-rays and digital models to be used for lecturing, teaching and mentoring material:

  • Dental Monitoring scan box and app that allows 1-on-1 direct messaging with Dr Marc and digitally monitors orthodontic progress from home using artificial intelligence (Value up to $500)

  • Gap Free or Bulk Billed six monthly dental check ups and cleans throughout orthodontic treatment up to 24 months (Value up to $700)

  • Retainer Pack including 3 upper and 3 lower retainers that can even be changed over time as more adult teeth come through (Value up to $600)

  • Professional Teeth Whitening Bundle that will be delivered when age appropriate (Value up to $350)


Can this offer apply to adults as well?

Absolutely! Just let us know you are applying for the offer.

Are there limited spaces for the orthodontic & dental consultations?

Dr Marc is only one person, so please keep in mind that there are limited spaces for this offer.

What is the normal value of the orthodontic & dental consultation?

The value is up to $400, but is variable based on what your health fund or medicare would otherwise cover.

Is there really no cost for the orthodontic & dental consultation?

If you have a health fund, we will not charge any out of pocket. If you are eligible for the Medicare Child Dental Benefits $1000, we will only bulk bill. If you don’t have either, we still will not charge so you don’t have to worry about the cost of the consultation.

How much does orthodontics cost at WA Dental?

Orthodontic treatment in Australia with the appliances and technology that Dr Marc uses can cost up to $9,500 as per Orthodontics Australia. However, Dr Marc’s fees currently remain within $2,900-$6,900.

Does starting treatment earlier cost more?

Not with Dr Marc, because he credits any costs of early orthodontic intervention towards any later necessary orthodontic treatment when all the adult teeth are through (explained further in the consult). This allows for a much better staged treatment without worrying about additional costs.

Can I use my orthodontic cover to help pay for treatment?

Yes and we can even help you find out exactly how much you will receive from your health fund. Given the high cost of orthodontic cover, not many families have orthodontic cover, however we find a lot of families surprised that they actually do have orthodontic cover.

Do you offer any payment plans?

We currently offer 24 Month Interest Free payment plans with no deposit needed.

When is Dr Marc available?

Dr Marc is available Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at WA Dental which is open 8:00-5:30 every weekday.