Invisalign First

Early orthodontic intervention is an extremely important treatment for many kids around the ages of 7-11 in order to:

  • Reduce risks of damage to front teeth sticking out during accidents
  • Reduce risk of early tooth decay because of crowded teeth
  • Avoid bullying by peers because of unsightly teeth and bites
  • Eliminate crossbites to avoid asymmetrical or unusual facial development
  • Create enough space to allow permanent teeth to come through
  • Reduces need for adult premolar teeth extractions when older
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However, despite the enormous benefits of early orthodontic intervention, there are many reasons both parents and dentists avoid this treatment using traditional methods:

  • It adds significant costs to the parents
  • Plates that are removable are very bulky and unlikely to be worn
  • Plates that are fixed are painful for the kids
  • Parents need to try turn the screw for the expanders
  • Speech is extremely impaired when wearing the plates
  • Plates often get broken or lost which incur expensive replacement fees
  • Results are often disappointing because of the limitations of a plate

Invisalign First has completely revolutionized how we approach early orthodontic intervention. We have known Invisalign to be an ideal treatment for kids but committing to a full Invisalign treatment at such a young age can be overwhelming for parents and the treatment window can expire before all baby teeth have exfoliated. This is why we are so grateful that Dr. Marc is one of the very few cosmetic dentists in Australia that is Invisalign First certified. It is essentially an 18 month Invisalign treatment for kids at half the price of standard Invisalign.

There are two enormous benefits to this:

  • Invisalign First will straighten the front teeth, create space for the adult teeth to come through, guide the eruption of these teeth with eruption guides in the aligners, and improve the bite. This means there is a significant chance your child won’t benefit from the second phase of Invisalign, meaning orthodontic treatment was achieved at half price.
  • Some patients will still want to do some minor orthodontic treatment years later. Because you have already paid for about half of the Invisalign treatment, you only have the remainder to pay.

Invisalign First works in the same way as Invisalign in that it involves the use of clear invisible aligners that are custom-made to fit your child’s mouth. The aligners are made after taking scans, pictures, and x-rays of your child’s bite. The information is then sent to an Invisalign lab where your child’s custom aligner is made from Dr. Marc’s 3D designing.

After the aligners are ready, you will visit our dental office for an initial fitting. We ensure that the aligner properly fits and make any necessary adjustments. The aligners then start to gradually shift your child’s teeth.

The aligners are nearly invisible and support the formation of the jawline and incoming teeth. You can also remove the aligners for eating, drinking, brushing, and other activities.

To learn more about Invisalign First, book an appointment at WA Dental.