Invisalign is a series of clear plastic, removable aligners that gently yet effectively straighten your teeth. Every week, you wear a new set of aligners that is slightly different from the previous set to guide the teeth accurately into place. In order for the aligners to precisely move the teeth into place, they use pressure points on attachments (small tooth coloured resin bumps) which are placed on some or all of your teeth throughout the treatment. Under the care of an expert Invisalign provider, they are able to correct mild, moderate and severe cases of gapped teeth, crossbite, overbite, underbite, overcrowding and open bite.

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Biologically Safer

Although orthodontics poses minimal risks during treatment, damage to teeth can occur when too much pressure is applied such as placing a strong wire or turning the key in an expander. Being thin plastic, Invisalign is able to deliver optimal forces but cannot produce extreme unwanted forces on teeth.

More Comfortable
Pain is a big issue with braces. Firstly, they cut into gums, cheeks and lips, either from the braces themselves or the wire poking through. Secondly,being able to easily provide forces far above ideal forces, this can cause intense pain throughout the treatment. These discomforts can almost entirely be avoided with Invisalign.

No Diet Restrictions
Hard and sticky foods (most foods) should be avoided when wearing braces because they are either too painful to eat or they break the brackets and wires. Remove your Invisalign trays when you eat, and you virtually have no diet restrictions.

Better Oral Hygiene
It is all too common to find cavities in teeth after braces have been removed at the end of treatment. This is because it is extremely difficult to brush and floss with braces on, especially with all the food that gets stuck in the braces. Brushing and flossing are as per usual with Invisalign, given they are removable.

Discrete Treatment
Braces, especially those made of metal, combined with wires are very noticeable on a patient. Invisalign uses tooth coloured attachments on the teeth and the aligners are clear, so treatment is far less noticeable.

Less Emergencies
Even with extra care taken, braces and wires often break during treatment. Unless dealt with immediately, it can be extremely irritating to the patient and can stop or even reverse treatment results. On rare occasions, Invisalign attachments can detach from a tooth. The aligner is still gripping the tooth so the business is as usual and replacing the attachment can be done at a later date.

Special Occassions
Your experience at special occasions, such as dinners, balls, and graduations, can be disappointing when you have your braces on. Being removable, your Invisalign can be taken out for the special occasion, only leaving the tooth coloured attachments on your teeth.

Safe For Sports
Even with a mouth guard, sharp parts of the braces and wires can cause significant damage to the mouth when bumped in a game. Invisalign, however, can be temporarily taken out during the game, or even worn comfortably and safely, with a mouth guard on top.

Confidence During Treatment
Patients with braces can be quite self-conscious when in social situations because of the way that they look and how food gets stuck in them. Invisalign, especially being such an advanced product, is actually really exciting for patients, and even though they can hide them during social situations, they often want to show them off.